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About Hartland International School

Hartland International School is a traditional yet forward thinking school, delivering an enriched education programme through the National Curriculum for England. We model our teaching and learning on the richness of research and best practice, drawing from the best international approaches to education. Whilst staying true to the essence of the British model of excellence, our aim is to nurture the talents and interests of our global community. In doing so we will unlock the true potential of each and every young person and help them to realise their dreams.

Strong Education Pedigree
A team with a combined average of over 20 years of leading great schools.


Join the Hartland Community
Unlocking Potential | Nurturing Talent | Realising Dreams

Join the Hartland Community
Unlocking Potential | Nurturing Talent 
Realising Dreams

Rated as a "Good" School with many
"Outstanding" and "Very Good" features

Exposure to Specialist Subjects
From Year 2, expert specialists in Art, Design Technology, Computing, Drama and an array of languages.

An Enriched Curriculum
Focus on intellectually stimulating inquiry, collaborative and research-based learning.

Encouraging Innovation
Specialist rooms include: Multi-Gym, Innovation Room, Specialist dance and drama studios and a wide range of dedicated spaces.

Rated “Outstanding” for parents and the community. Parents are extremely positive about all aspects of the School.
- KHDA Inspection Report | 2018 - 2019

Hartland is pleased to introduce Virtual Meetings for Enrolments from the comfort of your home to support you with answers related to the curriculum and our approach to education.