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About Hartland International School

We deliver a traditional values-driven British education, combined with the richness of international approaches in education, which is purposefully structured to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner. Our students’ personal and social development is key to their success, coupled with a supportive but challenging curriculum. We are a learning community where we celebrate individualism, embrace diversity and encourage our children to explore the world of infinite opportunities. With a mission to provide a holistic international education, our ambition is to empower young minds to discover their talents, pursue their passions, exceed expectations, and realise dreams so as to make a positive impact in the world.

Strong Education Pedigree
Mrs Fiona Cottam, Principal of Hartland and our Senior Leadership Team, bring a recognised education pedigree with a combined average of over 20 years of leading great and outstanding schools, here in Dubai and in the UK.

Enriched Curriculum to Enhance Each Child’s Learning
Hartland’s philosophy represents a progressive education style, focused on intellectually stimulating inquiry, collaborative and research-based learning for our students.

Exposure to Learn Specialist Subjects from Year 3 Onwards
We encourage the in-built desire of young people to learn and be taught. Hartland is one of the few schools which opens pathways that enables specialist subject teachers to work in the Primary section of the School. Children have the chance to experience first-hand the expertise of these specialists in subjects such as Art, Design Technology, Computing, Drama and an array of languages.

Encouraging Innovation
We are expanding our educational programme to meet the needs of the evolving and rapidly changing world. Some of the specialist rooms that are accessible to our students include: Multi-Gym, Innovation Room, specialist dance and drama studios and a wide range of dedicated learning spaces.


Join the Hartland Community
Unlocking Potential | Nurturing Talent | Realising Dreams

Join the Hartland Community
Unlocking Potential | Nurturing Talent 
Realising Dreams